KEZI In The Garden ~ Fall Plants to Celebrate the Harvest!

Aired 9/28- Fall Plants- Celebrate the Harvest

Mums, ornamental cabbage and kale, along with pansies, grasses, and heucheras have become popular choices for fall decorations due to their vibrant colors, resilience in cooler weather, and symbolic significance. The history of decorating for fall with plants has deep cultural and seasonal roots.

Mums have a long association with fall due to their natural bloom time during the season. Their range of colors, including warm tones like red, orange, and yellow, perfectly complement the autumnal color palette. Mums are also hardy plants that can withstand cooler temperatures, making them a practical choice for fall displays.

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale are valued for their stunning foliage, which features shades of purple, pink, green, and white. Ornamental cabbage and kale thrive in cooler weather and can tolerate light frost, making them suitable for autumn displays.

Pansies are known for their ability to bloom in cooler temperatures, making them ideal for fall and even winter displays. Pansies come in a wide range of colors, including bold and pastel shades. Their cheerful blooms add a pop of color to fall decorations.

Ornamental grasses, with their graceful swaying in the breeze, add a dynamic element to fall displays. Their feathery plumes and wispy foliage create a sense of movement and elegance. Grasses often take on beautiful warm tones of gold, bronze, and copper in the fall, harmonizing with the changing colors of the season.

Heuchera is valued for its stunning foliage, which comes in an array of colors, including shades of red, orange, purple, and bronze. These colors echo the warm hues of fall. The richly colored foliage of heuchera provides a striking contrast to other fall plants and decorations. Its vibrant leaves stand out in garden beds and containers.

The tradition of decorating for fall with plants has its roots in ancient cultures and agricultural practices. Many societies celebrated the harvest season with festivals and decorations, which often included plants.

Today, the tradition of using plants to decorate for fall continues, and it’s not limited to specific cultural practices. These plants evoke a sense of coziness and celebration as people transition from the warmth of summer to the cool embrace of autumn.

As you decorate for Fall take time to reflect & celebrate on your harvest from your year in your garden and your life.

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