Welcome to Johnson Brothers Garden Market!    We are a second generation family run business.  Our mission is to Inspire Garden Living. We invite you to stop by and wander around our nursery.    We can’t wait to meet you. Cheers to a year full of planting, Caleb, Katie, Elle & Lilly Johnson.


 Johnson Brothers History

Vern Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Vern Johnson in one of the original greenhouses.

In 1985 Johnson Brothers was started as a small road side stand with a few vegetable and flower starts.  The Johnson Brothers would sell plants to local residents driving by and soon word spread about their quality plants.

By 2000, Vern Johnson became the sole owner of the business.  He had a passion for growing the best quality and biggest selection of plants in Eugene.  During the next several years, Vern focused on growing timeless classics and new varieties of plants for Lane County residents.

Aerial Johnson Brothers Plant Nursery Eugene

Johns Brothers in 2012

Now, over 30 years later Johnson Brothers has expanded to over 5 acres of retail shopping space and over 30 growing greenhouses.  They are best known for huge hanging baskets, poinsettias and one of the largest selections of annuals, perennials, and vegetable starts in the lower Willamette Valley.

The Johnson Brothers legacy lives on through the second generation!  Vern’s son Caleb and daughter-in law Katie joined the business in 2013 and continued the Johnson Brothers tradition of quality and selection.

In 2015, Vern’s son and daughter-in-law, Caleb & Katie Johnson, purchased the plant nursery from Vern.  They continue to operate the business and look forward to “Inspiring Garden Living!”

We are a garden center located in Eugene, Oregon.  We offer trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals,  houseplants and more.  Let us help you create your dream garden!