November Gardening Tips

Time To Put The Garden To Bed.

Gardening in November is probably the farthest thing from your mind. It is getting a bit nippy and the rains are sure to come this month!  You can do a few things this month during “sun breaks”.  When the sun peeks out, get out there and plant a tree or shrub. If you haven’t done so yet, bulbs like tulips, daffodils and crocuses are still okay to plant.

Also, early November is going to be your last opportunity to plant cover crops. Get rye grass or fava beans planted right now if you haven’t already.

Cover crop benefits include

  • Erosion control
  • Provides organic material
  • Adds nutrition
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Keeps weeds down

The OSU Extension website is an excellent resource for detailed November gardening tips.

Looking for what blooms this month?  Download our monthly plant bloom calendar to help you decide!

Winter Garden Color

Below is a list of a small sample of the colorful plants that break up the gray during winter. These plants have blooms, fragrance, berries or beautiful foliage during the winter months.  Don’t be one of the many gardeners who miss out on the beauty these plants produce this time of the year.

Come out to Johnson Brothers this month and let us show you what works well in the winter.  We offer more choices of garden plants than any nursery in the area, just come and see!

  • Sasanqua camellia
  • Skimmia reevesiana
  • Strawberry tree
  • Enkianthus
  • Nandina Firepower
  • Witch hazel
  • Persimmon tree
  • Sarcoccoca
  • Azalea Girards Hot Shot
  • Cotoneaster franchetti
  • Pyracantha
  • Beauty berry
  • Sourwood tree
  • Nandina Gulf Stream
  • Spirea
  • Sweetgum
  • Winter heather
  • Azalea Hino Crimson
  • Fothergilla
  • English holly
  • Wintergreen
  • Coral bark Japanese maple
  • Cornus Mid Winter fire
  • Viburnum Pink Dawn
  • Rhododendron PJM

Lawn Care for Winter

Care for your lawn is minimal but highly recommended for a quality lawn.


Fertilize now with a low nitrogen type fertilizer like Garden Valley’s Organic Turf & Garden fertilizer. The lawn will use this fertilizer to strengthen its root system and maintain a good green color all winter.


If you have not limed your lawn this year, it is a good time to do it.  Lime will change the ph in your soil and release some of the nitrogen that is tied up in the soil.  You can apply lime any time during the year but by doing so now you can let the rain wash it in.


Not many people think of mowing during the winter months but it is a good idea. By mowing, you will help the lawn to dry out a little during any dry periods.  During the winter you will need to mow only 2-3 times because the grass doesn’t grow that fast. Make sure to sharpen your mower once or twice a year. This will allow the mower to cut the grass not whip it off.


It is a good idea to remove all leaves and debris from your lawn. If the leaves are not removed they could smother the lawn.