Annuals Make Growing A Beautiful Garden Easy!

Annuals are flowers and plants whose life cycles are typically one growing season long.  They come to life in the spring, push through the heat of the summer, then die off in early to mid fall.  Vivid colors, huge selections and immediate results is what attracts most gardeners.

Annuals are perfect for sprucing up any area.  If your garden needs a boost during late summer, there are annuals available that will take you up until winter.  Putting together a team of them with perennials is a smart strategy.  All it takes is a little planning. We can help you there!

Some of the many benefits of annuals

  • If you are undecided on what to plant, annuals are a great place to start.
  • Perfect for container gardening
  • Small area? Ideal.

Gardening with these beauties is a win-win situation. They work anywhere you want to add color!