Poinsettias For Sale

Poinsettias at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Johnson Brothers Poinsettias

At Johnson Brothers Greenhouses, we make sure your plants get off to a great start by growing them in-house each year.  Come see the largest retail display of Poinsettias south of Portland, exclusively at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses!

What makes our Poinsettias special?

  • They’re grown right here!
  • Our name is our livelihood, we only offer the biggest, healthiest and the best-looking Poinsettias.
  • We grade our Poinsettias (from Premium to Economy), allowing for more choices & making them more affordable.
  • We grow special, hard-to-find varieties & colors.
  • No sitting on cool trucks causing yellowing leaves.
  • No bruised flowers from being packed together tightly on racks.
  • Plants are only sleeved once, by your request to minimize damage and over watering.

Poinsettia Plant Care Tips

Poinsettias do require a bit of extra care, but we make it easy!  Following our poinsettia plant care instructions help keep your plants healthy and thriving all season.  The only way to keep a poinsettia healthy is to make sure it is strong from the beginning. Click here to print out a Care Sheet from the experts!