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Corn Starts at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses


Love to garden and eat it too?  So do we!  That’s why you will find hundreds of choices for edible plants at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses.  We have tomatoes, citrus, fruit trees, blueberries, rare and unusual edible fruit and a huge selection of herbs.  Let us help you create a backyard buffet! Get planting and start enjoying fresh strawberries out of your yard, watermelon for those backyard summer picnics, and some fresh herbs for your grilled meats.

Vegetable Garden

Control what is in your food by doing your own vegetable gardening.
Enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of picking fresh food when you want it.
Learn how to grow satisfying, flavorful and vine-ripened vegetables from starter plants or seeds.

A few of the top Johnson Brothers customer favorites:

Tomato Black Krim

Tomato Black Krim at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

  • Tomatoes – Big Beef, Sungold, Celebrity and Sweet 100
  • Sweet Peppers – Northstar, Red Beauty, Golden bell
  • Melons – Alaska Cantaloupe, Early Dew Honeydew, Charantais, Crimson Sweet Watermelon
  • Cucumbers – Lemon, Marketmore, Burpless types
  • Squash – Jaguar, Zuchini Elite, White Zuchini, Gold Rush
  • Hot Peppers – Jalapeno, Anaheim Green Chile, Paprika, Kung Pao

This is a small list of the hundreds of different types of vegetable starter plants and seeds available at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses.

Producing a harvest of high quality vegetables takes planning. Start by asking yourself what you and your family enjoy eating or would like to try. Write it down on a list.
Experiment with rare and unusual fruits or vegetables. Who knows you might discover a new favorite!

Stick to the simple guide below and get ready to start enjoying tasty, fresh vegetables out of your own garden!

A Simple Guide For A Fail-Proof Vegetable Garden:



  • Start early, before the season begins
  • Draw out a plan with dimensions of the area available including pathways
  • Get out the list of veggies everyone likes
  • Space them in rows on your drawing
  • Note any needs for strings or frames
  • Choose vegetables producing early, mid and late season
  • Prepare the soil according to plant needs (check the label)
  • Plant starts or seeds according to growing calendar
  • Water, weed and fertilize as per individual plants.

Johnson Brothers carries varieties that have been bred to resist diseases and viruses. And they are loaded with higher concentrations of nutrients and vitamins.

Berry Plants

Learn berry gardening from folks who have done it successfully for over 20 years.  Nothing beats popping a fat, juicy strawberry or blueberry in your mouth right after you picked it!  Anyone can grow a patch of berries. But not everyone takes time to learn how to grow one that is the envy of the neighborhood!

You will find a huge selection of other berry plants and bushes including:

You probably have some questions, so come on out and ask away. Our garden experts will assist you every step of the way.

  • Easy to Grow Edibles
  • Learn where and how to plant
  • Proper fertilizer and soil preparation
  • Weeding Must Know’s
  • Pruning Tips