Johnson Brothers Garden Market displays the largest variety of hanging baskets in the area. There will be hundreds to choose from in spring and early summer!  In addition to the single baskets below, there are thousands of mixed varieties available. If you are wondering what to get for Mother’s Day, a hanging basket is perfect.

Hanging basket varieties

Sun Lovers

Black-eyed Susan Vine, Asarina, Geranium-Zonal, Petunias-Million Bells, Verbena, Bacopa, Geranium-Ivy, Petunias, Petunias-Supertunia

Shade Tolerant (sun until 10 a.m.)

Asarina, Begonia, Fuschia, Impatiens-New Guinea, Impatiens-Single, Lotus, Bacopa, Impatiens-Rosebud, Lobelia, Streptocarpus.

Hanging Baskets How to Make Them Thrive!

Hanging baskets are living plants, many of them native to tropical regions. To make them really flourish, create conditions similar to their homes. At the bottom of the page is a guide to help you choose the proper hanging basket arrangement for the area of sunlight it will be placed in.

The Ride Home

Protect your new basket on the ride home. Do not carry them in the back of an open bed truck. They may never recover from strong winds and cold temperatures resulting from the ride.

Location, Location, Location

How well your basket does depends on the location you select. Hang baskets in the spring after danger of cool nights, 40 degrees F or less, has passed.  Keep them protected from high wind, hail and rain.

Watering Tips

The most frequent cause of basket failure is poor watering practice. Once your basket is home, get in the habit of checking it frequently for soil moisture. Stick your fingers in the soil, it should be moist below the surface, but not soaking wet.

  • Water thoroughly until the water runs through the basket, then a bit more to ensure it is wet all the way through.
  • Don’t drown the basket or allow to dry out.
  • If the soil is moist in cold weather, take care not to water.

What to do if the basket dries out.

If the pot gets dry, submerge it halfway in a large pot of water for 30 minutes. This allows the soil to wick up the water slowly. A good soak is better than a big drench!


Regular feeding is essential for a beautiful and healthy hanging basket that lasts.
We recommend using a combination of a slow release fertilizer, and Blooming & Rooting.

If you are using the slow release fertilizer, apply the water soluble once every two weeks.

Important – Make sure the water soluble fertilizer is completely dissolved before applying. Otherwise you may burn the plant.  It won’t harm the plant to do it weekly if the weather is warm.  Just follow manufacturers application rates.

We apply the slow-release fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, then another in two months.

Keep the blooms coming.

Pinch off old blooms to encourage fresh blossom to keep your basket producing fresh color all season. Fuchsias produce a black “berry” seed after their blossoms drop. Pinch these off.