Perennials That Make Your Garden Come Alive!

Perennials are garden plants that are going to be with you for the long term. You plant them once and they come back to see you every year!  It is what makes gardening such a treat for so many people.

Planning your garden.

Every flower or vegetable garden should start with preparation. Ask yourself these questions, bring the answers to us. And together we will make that dream garden a reality.

  • Is the garden area in full shade, part-shade or full sun?
  • Is the soil well drained and prepared for planting?
  • What is your soil type? Clay, loam, sandy?
  • What are my favorite colors?
  • How big is my garden area?
  • Do I want easy care or not?

It is a good idea to have these answers in hand before you make any purchases.  Just don’t buy on looks alone. Besides, it is discouraging when you go shopping for looks and end up purchasing something that doesn’t work out, and remember to read the labels.

Every nursery or online catalog will attest to the “best” for your garden needs.  Remember personal preference is individual to you.  Your preference is probably based on a combination of color, texture, versatility or dependability.  Our role is to be the guide to assist you in what will work best, based on your preferences.  When you are creating your plan, write out those things you appreciate in certain types of plants.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to know all the answers. That is what the experts at Johnson Brothers Garden Market are here to do.