Thymus Creeping Groundcover

Thymus Creeping Groundcover at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses


Replace your lawn with a perennial groundcover.  Pacific Northwest groundcovers can do it if you install them correctly.

At Johnson Brothers we can help you select plant combinations with varying forms, textures, heights and colors to create an interest in that part of your yard.

Groundcovers go great with any garden design and break up areas well. Our groundcover selection starts to grow fast towards the end of March and into April.  If you like, we can even grow flats of them for you! Place your order today with our expert perennial growers.


Thyme is one of the best groundcovers we carry. The varieties are endless so you can plant them in full sun or full shade and still get the job done.  Creeping thyme (Thymus sp.) does great cascading over walls or in between pavers.  Flowers are typically white to pink depending on the variety. For a full-sun evergreen, this is definitely the perfect choice.  Blooms can be achieved all summer if you plan carefully and choose the right variety. Just synchronize the area with early and late bloomers.


Ajuga Caitlins Groundcover

Ajuga Caitlins at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Want a ground cover to grow in a full sun or shade?  Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans varieties) is an evergreen perennial with a very adaptable nature. For those areas of the yard having both sun and shade, Bugleweed is an easy to grow wise choice.  The leaves come in a rainbow of colors (white, pink, black purple, green splashes and combinations of all of these).  The pink, white or purple flowers rise above the low growing foliage.

Any landscape is accentuated by the presence of Bugleweed.  Plus, it can take a beatin’ and keep shining! Any low to medium traffic areas will support it.

Sagina Subulata

Sagina Subulata Groundcover

Sagina Subulata at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Irish Moss and Scotch Moss (Sagina sublata sp. & Aurea) do the best in partial and full sun. They spread great and brighten up those shade areas that seem to be dull and dark with a natural, woodland look.  They actually crave foot traffic to grow properly!

Easy to grow and sculpt into any design you can imagine. If you alternately plant “squares” of Scotch Moss and Irish Moss, the result will be an original checkerboard pattern.

Vinca Minor

Looking for a full shade ground cover to add some color?  As mentioned above, Ajuga works fine in full shade or full sun, but a great choice to consider is the Vinca Minor as a full shade alternative.

The flowers are produced from early spring to autumn with a violet-purple coloring.