Paeonia Perennial Flower

Paeonia Sorbet at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Perennial Flowers

What Makes A Great Plant for Your Flower Garden?

A flowering garden plant that blooms for weeks on end, is hardy and adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions. Deer proof and fragrant are other criteria to look at.  Obviously it must meet your standards of “the best.”  Otherwise, it is just someone’s opinion.

What to look for on a label.

  • Full Sun, Shade, Partial Shade
  • Hardiness – Is it in your zone?
  • Spacing – you can usually get away doing it closer
  • Botanical name – keep the label for advice later on
  • Price – Quality always trumps price.

Black-eyed Susan

Rudbeckia Indian Summer

Black Eyed Susan at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

A great example of contrasting rich, deep colors like the Black-eyed Susan usually invite the most attention.  Customers love the Black Eyed Susan for its bright color and prolonged blooms in summer and fall.  The golden, daisy like heads grow up to 5 inches across on short branching stems. Depending on the variety can go almost 3 ft. tall. Perfect for cut flowers in the vase, and cutting encourages blooming for later in the season.

Heuchera Coralbells

heuchera coralbells

Heuchera Coralbells at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Another favorite flower garden plant is Heuchera, otherwise known as Coralbells.  Coralbells are one of the top foliage perennials of choice for shade gardens.

Heucheras are easy, vigorous growers developing their strongest coloring when grown in partial shade, even though they can be grown in full shade.  They companion very well with an ornamental grass or other type of ground cover.

Ask one of our staff members about pairing up different varieties of other flower garden plants. It’s like making magic happen!