Popular Trees For Sale

Many of the popular trees, like evergreen trees, are used in gardens and yards to serve a purpose. They add height and dimension, giving your yard the interest to not just catch neighbor’s eye, but also create a natural privacy barrier.  Using small trees gives your garden a beautiful background to make your plants stand out and give them that “wow” factor that you’ve been looking for.

The more popular trees we describe below can enhance an existing garden or provide the “bones” for a new area.  However, always remember to match the type of tree you choose to the climate, zone, and especially the gardening style you prefer.

Colorful Tree Combinations

  • If you live in a warm climate try using a dwarf citrus tree like Meyer’s lemon, lime, or banana and pair it with chartreuse, white, and pink plants like ladies mantle, white baby’s breath, and pink cranesbills.
  • If you are in a colder climate – not to worry -just put these beautiful dwarf fruit trees into some attractive containers and then move them indoors when the weather gets cold.
  • Colder climates can take advantage of some of the smaller evergree trees like the beautiful weeping Japanese maple tree.
  • Add some Japanese painted ferns, hakonechloa grass, and Asiatic lilies and you have the nice start of a beautiful Asiatic garden.
  • Try adding some bamboo plants in containers, a water fountain, and a Pagoda or Lanterns to create a nice, serene feeling of a beautiful Japanese garden. Add a nice teak bench so you have a nice calming retreat to read your favorite book.
  • Bring a touch of Washington D.C. to your own yard this spring. There is nothing more beautiful than flowering cherry trees in full blossom.
  • These trees look particularly gorgeous when used in combination with other pink, white, and red flowering trees or shrubs. Some great ideas are magnolia trees, redbud, and crabapple trees.
  • If you are looking for something a little more informal that will fit in with the style and appeal of a cottage garden, how about a beautiful and always popular – flowering dogwood in pink or white.

Just add some yellow daffodils and blue forget-me-not flowers and this arrangement will be one of your favorite signs of spring each year. You can always add a wheelbarrow filled with spring bulbs for an interesting accent piece.

Planting Trees In Small Areas

Short on space for a beautiful tree? Have you heard of Espalier? It is horticultural technique of training trees through pruning and tying in order to create a tree that will grow flat on a set of wires on a building or between posts.

Single straight branches are interwoven to create a pattern. Any variety can be espaliered which makes them useful to grow flat against a fence or a wall. Some more popular trees to use in this way are apple, cherry and other fruit trees because the branches are long and flexible.

Other trees that are often used are fig, olive, pears, and apricot trees. Growing a tree in this manner, makes the fruit easier to pick and also easier to protect from bird damage.

So when creating your garden – remember to incorporate some trees into your garden canvas. Remember, not only are trees beautiful but they will absorb carbon dioxide and provide you with oxygen.  You can’t get much “greener” than that!