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Seedlings Garden Club for Kids–Nature Inspired Ornaments

We had our monthly Seedlings Garden Club for Kids this last saturday and this months project was making nature inspired christmas ornaments. Such a simple fun project that leaves you with a beautiful handmade treasure that you and your family can enjoy.

SGCK Ornament PM


  • twine, ribbon, or any type of string
  • a clear plastic christmas ball ornament
  • snow/glitter
  • pinecones
  • bells
  • mixed greens
  • holly
  • mistletoe (Caution: mistletoe is POISONOUS, although pretty and festive. If you have children involved in this project pay close attention when dealing with mistletoe and DO NOT let them eat any part of it including the berries.)
  • anything that will fit and that you want to include…


This project is very simple and involves little instruction. The ornaments we used were clear plastic and snapped together in the middle, leaving two halves when open.

Fill each, or one, half with any decorations you’d like to have; we used artificial snowmossmixed christmas greens, bells, and small cedar cones.

Then simply, snap the ornament closed and run a string through it using any kind of twineribbon, or cord whichever you prefer.

As I said this is a super simple project, but truly creates a handmade piece of beauty for your family to enjoy. Pictures, heirlooms, or anything else is easily incorporated to make these ornaments all that more meaningful. I hope that those who came out on Saturday enjoy this gift from their little ones and to all those who may participate on their own. Creating memories together with your family is the real gift!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

SGCK Dec Blog photo PM