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More on Fruit Trees

As a brief follow up to last weeks blog I want to touch on the fact that not only is this the time of year to be treating existing fruit trees, but also the best time of year to be PLANTING fruit trees! We should start to see our stock of bare root items in the coming weeks which include fruit trees, berries, rhubarb and asparagus. Items that are sold as bare root (as opposed to in a pot with dirt) are cheaper in price so they tend to go quickly!

Why buy bare root?

The option to go bare root is an optimal choice because when planted as bare root, rather than transplanted from a pot, the roots become acclimated much more quickly and tend to grow more vigorously. When roots become established in a container and are then transplanted it can put the plant into a temporary shock, or at the least, under stress which slows the growing process. Bypassing that stress period can result is a much stronger and ultimately larger plant (and it’s cheaper!!) so who wouldn’t want to go bare root?

How to plant bare root?                                                                                                                                  

Planting bare root is no more (or less) difficult than any regular planting just add an extra step or two to ensure optimal root growth.

  • First you’ll want to soak your bare root plants in water to stimulate the roots (NEVER let bare roots dry out). We recommend using Root Stimulator in the water to really encourage strong root growth in the early stages.
  • When prepping your hole for planting you’ll want to dig it about 2-3 times wider than the current root base. The more pliable the soil around the roots the easier time they will have in early growth. You’ll also only want to bury the plant only a couple inches beyond the roots once the trunk starts.
  • While you’re filling in your hole, you DO NOT want to be packing the soil too tight, adding in any amendments, or fertilizing at this time. The soil should be snug but not hard packed so that the new root growth can easily maneuver through the soil.
  • Once your plant is secured in the ground you’ll want to give a thorough watering also using a root stimulater, and then apply a layer of mulch to protect and insulate your roots. When applying mulch you want to make sure to not put it too close the the base or trunk of your plant but actually leave a couple inches of breathing room.
  • Keep your mulch and soil damp with regular waterings but NOT soggy; during the wetter months of spring you’ll only need to water every couple weeks depending on the rain. Once the weather gets hotter and dryer you’ll want to water more generously on more of a weekly basis.

Feel free to call and check in on our availability of bare root fruit trees, and other items. As I mentioned they do tend to sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long as this is the optimal time of year for planting fruit trees other woody plants. We will also be showcasing our fruit trees during the last week of February but if you’re really wanting the widest variety in your selection start checking in as early as next week. We currently have asparagus and some berry varieties in stock already, and will be posting updates on Facebook as other bare root items begin to hit the sales floor!

Christmas Update — Holiday Store Hours

Hello All! I just wanted to give you a quick update on what our store hours will be through the coming weeks.

Many of you may be used to us closing our doors for the month of January and opening back up with early spring delights such as roses and fruit trees… Well this year WE ARE STAYING OPEN and have a full schedule of fun activities for you to enjoy!

This week we will be closing early on Wednesday, Dec. 24th at 3:00 PM. Our gates will remain closed Thursday, Dec. 25th & Friday, Dec. 26th so that our employees can enjoy the holiday with their families.

WE WILL BE OPENING for regular business hours beginning Saturday, Dec. 27th through Tuesday, Dec. 30th

We will be closed Wednesday, Dec. 31st & Thursday, Jan. 1st for the New Year.

Beginning Friday, Jan. 2nd we will resume normal business hours and remain open from that point on!

Even though we have been closed for the month of January in the past we encourage you to join us in the new year, as we have big plans!

Were kicking off the new year on Saturday, Jan. 3rd with our monthly Free Seedlings Garden Club for Kids! Were making terrariums so don’t miss out!

Saturday, Jan. 10th we are hosting Richard from Horizon Distribution who will be giving a class on pruning and spraying your fruit trees.

The weekend of Jan. 17th & 18th were celebrating the Gardeners Month Off with refreshments, prizes, and super deals!

And to finish out the month we will be highlighting houseplants the week of Jan. 19th through Jan. 24th

Keep and eye on our website for more details about our exciting year coming up!

We look forward to welcoming 2015 with all of you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!